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Director of Client Services

I just read the information on the Information Bank and the 52 Networking Tips and I just wanted to say:  it's so nice when an expert shares advice that they actually practice themselves.  I knew when I first met you that you "walked the talk" but in reading the 52 Networking Tips, I was reminded of that when  I immediately found 5 tips that you've used with me just since we've reconnected.

Thank you again!  I am blessed to know you and to be able to glean from your expertise.

National Outplacement Firm

Sr. VP

We really appreciated your sessions, and the content was spot on.   The way you addressed the team and kept their attention was fantastic.   Sometimes in a crowd of “Engineering” folks like ours it’s easy to lose a few people, but you were able to keep them focused the entire time.   The content was engaging, and the delivery was fabulous.   Thank you for all you help and being flexible with us to make it all work.

Fortune 100 Firm

Todd Cherches

"Andrea Nierenberg is the ‘Queen of Networking’! She seems to know everybody – and everybody seems to know (and love) her. Not only does she have an amazing network of contacts that all think so highly of her, but she somehow manages to create and maintain sincere, genuine, and caring personal relationships with each and every person in her extensive rolodex. How does she do this? By practicing everything she preaches. And not only is she great at building her own network, she is incredibly thoughtful and generous when it comes to helping others build their networks by acting as a connector between and among the people in her circle. Her latest book is called, Savvy Networking, which is a perfect title, as no one I’ve ever met is a “savvier” networker than Andrea Nierenberg!"

Liquidnet Leadership Institute

Edwin Ayala

“I found Andrea's Networking Workshop to be excellent. It was high energy and full of simple, practical ideas that were easy to implement. Our associates came away with a networking mindset. One of the best ideas many of them began using was sending out handwritten personalized cards on a weekly basis. I would recommend Andrea to any sales organization and I am looking forward to using her again.”

Strategies for Wealth Creation & Protection

Joan K. Bradley

“Andrea Nierenberg is an expert coach, speaker, and mentor. Her experience and insight have been most helpful to me and my staff.  Andrea’s workshops on presentation and group facilitation skills have been very well received by our pharmaceutical clients and physician audiences.”

The JB Ashtin Group, Inc.

Peggy Cohen

“I first met Andrea at a UJA event. Her presentation was so impressive I hired her at Citigroup for presentation training. She got rave reviews from a tough audience. When I moved to RR Donnelley and had needs for both executive coaching and presentation training, I again looked to Andrea as she has the skill to adapt to different industries and cultures, quickly learning the business and showing people how they can help themselves.”

Vice President and Managing Director, Northeast and Canada Markets
RR Donnelley Global Capital Markets

Harriet S. Astor

"Ms. Nierenberg made her first presentation at NYCLA in 2004; she has been invited back every year since. Her “introduction” to NYCLA was via a confluence of events and a mutual associate. I’m certain that it was no surprise to Andrea that she arrived at NYCLA in this manner - she is a strong believer in serendipitous networking. She also promotes the idea that networking is not a discrete activity – but rather the result of using everyday occurrences, techniques that capitalize on natural abilities and one’s circle of contacts. Her programs are always lively, interactive, comfortable and educational - and she is a pleasure to work with.”

Director of Membership
New York County Lawyers Association

Robert Lamb

“In recognizing an individual’s strengths, Andrea brings out the best in people by building confidence and self-esteem. She sees what is invisible to others and removes the cloak of mystery to reveal the obvious. For me, every time we meet or talk, I beam with the knowledge that someone special has just impacted my life for the better. And she does this in little ways: with a word of support, with a hand-written thank you note, or reminder e-mail. Andrea is indispensable."

REL & Associates, LLC

Dave Ehlers

"We identified a critical need within our organization: how do we build chemistry, confidence, and top notch presentation skills within our senior and mid level staff. We filled this need with Andrea Nierenberg. Andrea has a unique way of inspiring our staff in her sessions to be the best they can be. I credit her with developing strong presenters within our organization who in turn have positively enhanced our client relationships and new business conversions."

SVP Director of Corporate Development

Michael L. Faulkner, Ph.D., MBA, CAE

“Andrea is one of those of rare individuals who can size-up complex multi-variable situations, separate and analyze the key issues, and then easily explain the salient points to others with absolute clarity. Working with Andrea is like having a native guide while on safari in some unexplored wilderness, you are confident that you will not only reach your goal but you will have learned something about the process along the way.”

Assistant Professor
DeVry University School of Business and Technology

Heather Z. Acerra

“Andrea is terrific — very knowledgeable and professional. She possesses the ability to relate to people from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels. I have hired Andrea to speak with college students as well as insurance professionals and she is effective with all audiences. I can honestly say that participants rate their experience very high in terms of learning the skills of self-marketing as well as having a good time. Andrea's programs also allow participants to learn from and get to know one another, which is certainly in keeping with the message she conveys.”

Director of Talent
RLI Insurance

Lauren Garvey

“Andrea is a dynamic speaker and communications trainer, regardless of the topic she is able to engage, entertain, educate, but most importantly inspire others. She understands and values networking and teaches others how to do it ‘masterfully.’ I have known and worked with her for 6+ years and she never disappoints. She has an enigmatic presence on stage and teaches how to take basic business and sales skills and how to translate those skills into helping companies grow revenues, their business and professional relationships. If you are looking for a speaker look no further than Andrea, and the most incredible quality she possesses is she ‘walks the talk.’ Once you meet Andrea you will have a networker working on your behalf for life!”

Senior Manager, Global Branding and Corporate Communications
Hitachi America Ltd

Samantha Dinerman

"Andrea is a phenomenal partner when working together to put together a training plan. Andrea understands the media and advertising world and the needs of generation Y. She is an excellent trainer, facilitator, mentor and coach. I have hired Andrea on several occasions and she delivers the best work every time. I recommend Andrea highly."

Vice President Human Resources
Initiative Media

Joanie Bradley

“Two of your greatest assets whether you are a marketer, a sales person or a company are your brand and your professional network. An often overlooked but critical component of a business where this rings true more than most is with your sales people. They are integral to your business' success. They need to be highly trained in the art of client/prospect relationship development and are instrumental to building a company's brand, as they are the brand brought to life in the marketplace. To accomplish this properly, I have relied on the expertise of Andrea Nierenberg and her company, The Nierenberg Group. Andrea and team continually deliver the results I have sought in arming sales teams with the tools necessary to present themselves in the proper way in order to build long lasting and ultimately, prosperous business relationships. I am faced with making many decisions on a daily basis... choosing whom to turn to for networking and relationship building training is one choice that is easy... I simply turn to Andrea Nierenberg as THE industry resource.”

J.B. Ashtin Medical Education

Barbara Berline

“Andrea Nierenberg’s Presentation Skills Workshops have helped to dramatically improve the public speaking abilities and the marketing savvy of the recruiting team at Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO).”

Executive Director – Career Program
Sponsors for Educational Opportunity

Robert E. Wahlers, CFRE

“I've had the pleasure to see Andrea present on four occasions (Gift Planning Conference of NJ, International AFP Conference, NJ Conference on Philanthropy, and at the American Cancer Society Eastern Division Staff Conference) and each time she was fantastic! She shares her personal networking plan with you and invites you to reach out to those you know. And above all, she practices what she preaches as a true professional.”

Senior Director of Major & Planned Gifts
American Cancer Society, Eastern Division, Inc.

Rich Baker

“Andrea emphasizes relationship first for relationship’s sake, allowing business to develop as a result, but not as the only aim. The workshop she did for us has had an immediate effect on the way we practice law and how we run our firm.”

Founding Partner
Mauck & Baker Attorneys at Law

George Perlov

“The Nierenberg Group knows the techniques, and people skills it takes to get ahead in business, and imparts that knowledge to their clients.”

Executive Vice President, Planning, Research, and Foundation Relations
The Ad Council

Cathy Brennan

“I wanted to begin by thanking you for a very successful seminar. I have been getting nothing but positive feedback from all of the designers. Everyone is already looking forward to the next one.”

California Closets

Peter Phelan

"I've never met anyone quite like Andrea.  In a nutshell - she has a skill set that immediately makes any business work better.  She's a brilliant executive and strategist, but how she amazes most people daily is with her absolute mastery of the little things that make business relationships rock solid (very helpful in a recession!).  And she loves to share her amazing skills - and does so flawlessly as a top notch trainer/facilitator/author.  Her networking skills are legendary, she literally wrote the book (several books actually) on that topic.  Engaging Andrea in any of her many services offerings is a bargain at the price.  You'll see immediate results!"

Vice President-Human Resources