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Savvy Networking: 118 Fast & Effective Tips for Business Success

Savvy Networking


In her frank, friendly style sprinkled with personal success stories, Andrea’s latest book is a daily reminder of why networking must be a vital part of your business plan. She breaks all of the universal rules down into daily, easy-to-follow tips for effective networking for any type of business:

  • Capitalizing on your natural abilities
  • Transforming your business connections
  • Approaching a room full of strangers comfortably
  • Improving your communications skills
  • Discovering the types of people you need in your network (and that may already be a part of your circle of contacts)
  • Keeping track of your contacts
  • Building your own brand


Praise for Savvy Networking:

Andrea Nierenberg is the Queen of Networking. Once again she has written a book that gives valuable, insightful, and practical information. Her suggestions and observations in Savvy Networking translate to networking that works. She takes the mystery and the difficulty out of networking. I have read her other books, which were also helpful. Her new book is well worth reading and buying for friends and family. No matter what we do we network. This book helps do it right. Thank you, Andrea.
Richard Miners
Principle Estate Pathways

Savvy Networking is the newest addition to the wonderful, guiding books on business networking by Andrea Nierenberg. Just when you think you have learned all you could from her prior books, out comes a new one offering you yet additional networking skills. As our unemployment rate increases skills in networking are necessary to try and keep above your competition, meet new business and personal people, and get your name and qualifications out there. The book is an easy read so it's an enjoyment not a task. Check it out. You won't be disappointed.
Joan Gaiptman
Human Resources Manager

Do you need to upgrade your business contact list? Do you need help learning how to make networking change your life? Well, take a couple of hours and read this 100+ page book full of amazing tips on advancing your networking game. The 118 tips presented will give you a play-by-play guide to creating a networking mindset, branding yourself, and understanding why it's important to give first. Andrea shares quotes and real-life examples from business executives with proven track records of "building relationships" and "creating connections".
M. Bruner

Andrea continues to prove why she is the Queen of Networking. I can say without a doubt that Andrea's tips work. They have helped me be more successful in my business and I know her tips will do the same for you. Plus, Savvy Networking is a fun read that gets right to the good stuff.
Scott Sweedenburg
Business Owner

This book is so chock full of ideas and tools to use in every facet of one's life, it's hard to believe the sub-title, "118 Fast & Effective Tips for Business Sucess". It sure felt like much more than 118. Ms. Nierenberg's advice is not only excellent, but always kind and with much consideration of people and their needs.
R. S. Gold
Business Executive

This is a thin little book that is full of dynamite suggestions. So much good business sense here. It would be useful for companies to hand these out in bulk for new hires to read and then quiz them on it. From meeting folks, to salesmanship through to customer service this lady has something for everyone. Quit reading about it and go buy it!
Reg Nordman