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Nonstop Networking: How to Improve Your Life, Luck and Career

Nonstop Networking: How to Improve Your Life, Luck and Career


Andrea reveals fresh and easy-to-implement strategies for linking-up with people in order to achieve mutual personal and professional goals. Based on five drivers, her system is unique from other networking approaches in that it focuses on comfortable and familiar techniques for building relationships. Written for executives, sales managers, human resource directors, consultants and entrepreneurs, Nonstop Networking offers a new, practical take on topics such as:

  • Networking for introverts
  • 12 ways to engage a room full of strangers
  • Types of people you need in your network
  • Characteristics of great networkers
  • Expanding your network
  • Proper networking etiquette
  • Organizing and staying in touch with all of your contacts


Praise for Nonstop Networking:

For people looking for basic networking skills -- here they are. For people who possess some of the skills and a desire to develop them further -- here is the way. For people who believe in networking, know its true value and want a better understanding of networking's deeper role -- here it is.
Michael Faulkner, Senior Vice President
Professor of Business-DeVry University

I defy anyone to read Nonstop Networking and not be profoundly changed for the better. Andrea takes an area that is essentially part of all of our lives -- whether you are shy or outgoing, quiet or talkative, private or public -- and makes you realize that it's a need to do, not simply a nice to do. And if youÕve waited until now to begin, it's not too late. Andrea will show you how easy and natural it is to do and how necessary it is to living an extraordinary life.
Brian Kurtz, Executive Vice President
Boardroom, Inc.

At last! The principles of networking amply illustrated with anecdotes and examples from a true professional with a lifetime of experience. Andrea's book is an invaluable resource for the person ready to achieve success in the marketplace and in life.
Erickson S. Blakney
Bloomberg Radio WBBR 1130 and the Bloomberg Urban Report

Having counseled hundreds of successful executives and business owners, Andrea Nierenberg knows the rules of the business world inside and out. Her practical and realistic advice on networking has made her one of the most popular columnists on Fortune Small Business Online.
Elaine Pofeldt, Executive Editor
Fortune Small Business Online