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Million Dollar Networking: The Sure Way to Find, Grow and Keep Your Business

Million Dollar Networking: The Sure Way to Find, Grow and Keep Your Business


Designed for all kinds of professionals, Andrea offers a step-by-step approach to networking effectively to increase your business and achieve your goals. She provides the universal rules of effective networking, highlights the types of people who can be helpful to you professionally, offers easy-to-follow steps for transforming your business connections, and explains the attributes of great networkers and how you can attain them. Find reliable methods to network in a positive way, while pinpointing, developing, and preserving powerful business relationships in this highly valuable resource that’s a pleasure to read. Critical issues covered include:

  • The Introvert's Networking Advantage
  • Men and Women: Networking Between the Sexes
  • Networking Tool Kits: Don’t Go to a Meeting Without Them
  • Negative Networking: Avoid Networking Tactics that are Sure to Offend
  • Nonstop Networking: From Elevators to Movie Lines
  • Converting Contacts into Clients, and Clients into Advocates
  • Networking Within Your Company-Creating Alliances and Breaking down the Silos
  • Opening Lines That Open Doors
  • Networking Etiquette: In-person, On the Phone, and with E-mail
  • Mining Past Contacts to Find Golden Connections
  • Networking with All Personality Types
  • Determining Networking Strengths and Weaknesses




Praise for Million Dollar Networking:

Million Dollar Networking is what everyone needs to become better at making business connections. Andrea has managed to put into one book all the networking techniques that lead to great business relationships.
Florence Stone, Editor
American Management Association

Kudos to Andrea Nierenberg! It is about time that someone finally pointed out that business networking should be viewed as a strategy -- not as a tactic. When properly approached, 'business networking' means 'business development.' Andrea is the best business networker I've ever met and it comes as no surprise that Million Dollar Networking covers this fresh subject in a way that lives up to her reputation for excellence in this field. It's a great read--full of valuable insights.
Bill Wreaks, Publisher
The Journal of Financial Advertising & Marketing

In today's fast paced business world we quickly learn success comes from nurturing relationships with people and customers on rational and emotional levels. Hats off to Andrea for gifting us with at once a practical and inspirational work. Reading it is as though a dear friend is sharing her best advice. Enjoy. I did.
Michelle Bottomley
General Manager, Consulting Services
OgilvyOne, North America

No one in business today can go it alone ... and whenever you feel lost and surrounded by a sea of change, Andrea Nierenberg points to the rocks to help you walk on water! ... And with business and life so combined in a 24/7 world, this book gives you practical exercises to keep a phenomenal balance. READ IT with a pen! Knowing the right people IS worth a million dollars for sure and Andrea can help you get there!
Vanessa Mary Cognard, Advertising Director
Wall Street Journal

Million Dollar Networking picks up where many books on networking fall short. Andrea Nierenberg shows readers how to build and sustain networking relationships once they find and make that initial connection.
Anita R. Brick
Director, MBA Career Advancement Programs
The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business