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Executive Coaching

An intensive one-on one coaching program for executives to enable them to reach their highest potential. Through in-depth interviews, broad self-assessment using a variety of inventories, surveys and tests, and interviews with clients, peers and associates a program for personal change and improvement is designed and implemented.

What one can expect from coaching in general

  • More effective communication skills.
  • An awareness of the impact of personal style on effectiveness.
  • A clarification of personal goals and objectives.
  • An understanding of personality types and implications in leading and managing others.
  • Improved skill in managing organizational change and transition.
  • An awareness of specific skills and behaviors needing improvement.
  • A heightened sensitivity to improving emotional intelligence.
  • An understanding of managing from the “inside out”.
  • An improvement in attitude and mood control.
  • More effective decisions, actions and performance results.
  • More effective team leadership.
  • Documentation of success.

The typical time frame is dependent on objectives, budget parameters and level of executive.

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