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About the Company

Take care of your business relationships and your company will prosper. This is the philosophy behind everything that goes on at The Nierenberg Group.

The Nierenberg Consulting Group is a business communications company where we have developed a total process for educating, motivating and connecting people. In business today it’s all about communicating and connecting.  The end result is YOU develop new and stronger relationships and tap into wonderful opportunities. In other words, we help you create a business environment that makes it easy for you to succeed.

Headquartered in New York City, we are an international business consulting firm specializing in customized training, workshops and keynote addresses that equip executives with the tools they need to “Find, Grow & Keep”® the clients that are key to their success and to be more effective business communicators.

Since 1993, we have successfully helped a wide array of businesses from medium sized establishments to Fortune 500 firms effectively improve employee and client relationships. By incorporating our programs into their culture, our clients find that they far exceed the competition in all areas of corporate communications and business networking.

The Nierenberg Consulting Group — The Gold Standard in Customized Executive Training, Business Workshops, Consulting and Keynote Addresses

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