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About the Business Development System

“Find, Grow & Keep”©  — The Nierenberg Consulting Group’s exclusive approach to business development that delivers results.

Business development is really about building relationships that last. From executive seminars for ten to company-wide training for 10,000, The Nierenberg Consulting Group’s “Find, Grow & Keep”Business Development System is designed to provide the tools, knowledge and skills to effectively and successfully address each area of the selling cycle. We offer a variety of training programs and keynote addresses tailored to your specific industry and company.

You want to work with the best clients for your business or industry; clients that will build your business. We will teach you how to seek out the ones with whom you can forge mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

You’ve made that first sale. Now is the time to build the trust your new customer has in your company. We will train your team to exceed client expectations with every interaction and every step along the way.

You’ve worked hard to earn your clients’ trust. We’ll show you how to keep them loyal and always coming back for more.

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