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Vicky AmonVictoria Amon
A Profile for The Nierenberg Consulting Group

Vicky Amon is the founder and principal of Building People Assets, a consultancy specializing in communications training and performance management.  She creates and implements programs that can strengthen and motivate employees at all levels of an organization, enabling them to speak, write and sell their ideas more effectively.  Her offerings include one-on-one coaching, group workshops and career guidance initiatives, and all benefit from Vicky's deep business background working with top companies and her extensive experience in helping people achieve their best.  Professional fundamentals, easy-to-apply tips and engaging exercises are meshed with each client's business needs and corporate culture, making learning immediately relevant and applicable.

Before starting BPA in 2001, Vicky worked in account management, corporate communications, employee development and new business for major advertising and service organizations, including multi-national agencies (DDB Worldwide and Benton & Bowles) as well as smaller, more entrepreneurial firms (Altschiller Reitzfeld, Scali McCabe Sloves and Warwick).  Beyond her basic responsibilities, Vicky regularly tackled broader business projects, such as generating additional revenue from new clients, creating new marketing divisions, and expanding internal resources in the areas of employee performance development and mentoring.  These 25+ years on the corporate side honed Vicky's ability to grow talent, solve problems, identify opportunities and capitalize on existing assets, and as a result, she was well-known for building careers, brands and more enduring relationships, both within organizations and with their outside partners and customers.

Devoted to broadening the understanding of advertising and marketing among students and business leaders, Vicky enjoys lecturing on advertising topics at university and industry forums.  She holds a BA in History, with Honors, from Yale University, and was part of their first, trail-blazing, class that admitted women.

Erez Almogi

Erez, the owner of The Center for Business Training (Israel’s number one training company) for the past 18 years, is responsible for leading processes pertaining to management and leadership, service, sales, and negotiations with over 500 leading organizations in Israel’s economy.

Since 2003, Erez has been serving as Chairman of Blanchard Israel, specializing in development and creation of global development plans for organizations and managers, based on Blanchard International's global methodology.

Erez brings his long-time managerial and entrepreneur experience, accompanied by creativity and extensive service orientation, to his work with organizations and top executives. Many clients, at top echelons and as part of client management activities, benefit from Erez’ personal managerial coaching. 
Over the years, Erez has been interviewed for major economic supplements and has written dozens of articles on organizational management and leadership. He is considered a young, successful entrepreneur in Israel.

Erez graduated from Tel Aviv University with a B.A. degree in Business Administration and has taken many courses and programs dealing with organizational development, corporate leadership, and direct marketing.